Hot Springs Natural Hot Springs (Onsen) to Relax...

Onsen (温泉) culture dates back so long over 1,300 years…
Experience natural hot springs (Onsen), appreciating the surrounding nature.
You can stroll around and enjoy the Onsen town (温泉街/onsen-gai), which preserves old classic atmosphere of Japan.

Hot Springs Point!

  • Atami Onsen (熱海温泉)

    Atami's Onsen town is stretched along the Pacific coast. Enjoy the freshest seafood right from the port and the Onsen town most popular for decades.

  • Isawa Onsen (石和温泉)

    Close to Mt. Fuji, the largest Onsen spot in Yamanashi prefecture. You can also enjoy wineries and fruit farms, or even playing golf here.

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