Enkai GirlCute Girls Entertain You Japanese Way!

Enaki girls wearing kimono (costume)Have a great dinner time and Enkai party with dressed-up cute Enkai girls!
“More Japanese” Enkai girls dressed up in “Kimono” are also available.

Enkai girls are “must-haves” for a great Enaki party! The party occasion extends from more business-related parties (Enkai party, receiving important guests, New-Year party, End-of-Year party, Welcome/Farewell party, or any parties) to private parties.

Specialized Reservation Site for Enkai Girls (incl. Enkai Girls at Onsen regions)

Specialized Reservation Site
for Enkai Party with Enkai Girls throughout Japan

* All the photos are sample images; not showing actual services. Adult entertainment services of any kinds are not provided.

Enkai Girl Point!

  • Cannot be missed for great Enkai!

    At Onsen resorts, Enkai girls are playing important roles for Enkai parties!
    They bring cheerful atmosphere for your party.
    Enjoy fun talk and sophisticated services provided by Enkai girls.

  • Enkai Girls Services

    Cute Enkai girls serve you at table.
    Girls pour drinks for you and have a great conversation with you. You can also have a great time doing Karaoke, singing together with Enkai girls!
    With Special Plan, you can enjoy "Enkai games" with them, dressed a little sexier. More exciting & more fun for you!

  • Costume (dress/clothing)

    Enkai girls of Standard Plan wear normal (Western-style) suits/dresses.
    With oifferent plans Depending on the plan, special costume can be selected.
    Kimono style, classy Japanese clothing, is most popular.
    * Plans offered differ between hotels/cities.

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