EntertainmentExperience exotic Japan!

Beyond the regular traveling experience!
Do not leave Japan without experiencing these shows and activities.
Unique, one of a kind experience in Japan.

Entertainment Point!

  • Shows

    Robot restaurant, Oiran show, Maid cafe experience, AKB girls idol show --- unique shows only in Japan!

    〈photo〉 Robot Restaurant - http://www.shinjuku-robot.com/

  • Nightlife

    High class Karaoke, High class bars & clubs with hostesses (Enkai girls) attended.

  • Cultural Experience

    Plastic food sample making, Ninja/Samurai experience, blacksmith experience (cooking/paper knife), Sado teaceremony, Kimono dress-up, Sushi cooking --- get involved in hands-on experience! More fun for you!

    〈photo〉 Edo Wonderland - http://edowonderland.net/

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