RyokanExperience luxurious stay at traditional Japanese Ryokan!

Ryokan (旅館) is a type of traditional Japanese inns/hotels.
Japanese hospitaliy brings you the luxurious comfort for your stay.
Having authentic Japanese meals, staying at Tatami room, sleeping in Futon…you can experience the quintessence of Japanese culture.

Ryokan Point!

  • Futon Bed on Tatami Mats

    Staying at Tatami room and sleep in Futon. Experience the traditional Japanese way of sleeping!

  • Room with Private Bath

    High-end room with Onsen/Roten-buro (outdoor bath) connected. Luxurious time by yourselves...

  • Japanese Cuisine in Room

    Authentic Japanese meals served at your own room. Experience traditional Japanese course meals (会席料理/Kaiseki-ryori) relaxed only with your family/friends.

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