Hotsprings Bath (onsen) in Japan and Tatoo Taboo

Warnings for whomever has tatoo!!

In Japan, tatoo has its history being only cherished among outlaws.  Although tatoo is nowadays considered as a rather spicy fashion item among younger kids, it still has its original impact for most people in Japan, especially for those of older generations.

Thus, almost all the public places in Japan where your skins are openly showed, the people who has tatoo is not allowed to enter!

The problem arises in swimming pools and Onsen (hot springs).

sign - no tattoo allowed

image from: Nagashima Resort

Recently swim shirts like rash guards are getting more common in pools and beach and tattoo can be covered with them and not noticed.  However, in Onsen (hot springs) or public bath, you cannot cover any part of your body; no way to cover tattoo!

At the pool side, you see some are covering tattoo with skin-colored big bandages.  It can be employed in Onsen.

It will be so disappointing and so agonizing if you are forced to leave the premises when tattoo is found while you are having great time with your company in pool or Onsen.

Even if your tattoo is so tiny and you think you are hiding it OK, somebody always notices it.

For older generations, they still feel some fear against whomever carries tattoo. It would be very appreciable of you if you think this is one of the Onsen etiquette to follow in Japan.

Make sure to cover your tattoo in advance and hope everybody has good time without any fear or furry!